Xylar® 1 & 2 – Typical applications for Xylar coatings provide the aerospace, engineering and marine industries with materials to protect components from high temperature oxidation, salt laden atmospheres, chemicals and abrasives. With a continues operating temperature range of-40°C to +535°C Xylar is a Aqueous / acidic based aluminum “cermet” coating which as excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance at extreme temperatures. Typical DFT coating 20 – 25 um.

•    Xylan® 1052 – Ideal for any mating surface that needs dry lubrication e.g. bearings, sealing rings and valve springs. With a continues operating temperature of -195°C to+260°C and an intermittent range of -195°C to +285°C. Whitfords 1052 is an Organic solvent based, high temperature, general purpose coating for extreme pressure applications up to 150,000 PSI. Typical DFT coating 15 – 20 um, available in a wide range of colours.